Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful...Day 1

     Many people are using this month to share what they are thankful for, of course, because Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. (WOW...this year has flown by!)  I think putting out daily 'Thankfulness posts' is a brilliant idea and so I'm going to attempt it as well.  Hopefully it will go a little better than the idea of extra posts in October.  
     Some things might be silly or just a tiny little thought, but I believe everyone can come up with at least one thing per day to be thankful for! And really, I have SOOO many things to be thankful for and it's hard to not just share them all in one day! Anyway, today is November 1, the first day to share a thankful post so, here goes...

I am actually kind of posting two things today, but really they go together so we'll just let it slide...
I am thankful for my desk, in the new office and my new 'now full time' job.  It still needs a few personal touches, perhaps a photo of the Little Bear? But otherwise a nice, happy place to work.
 AND a more flexible schedule to be able to spend more time here...
 I've missed the daily walks on the beach...
and I think she has too.  

Thankful for something new, more time and a very happy puppy.  
That's a pretty good start to November.

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