Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's a Party!!! A Pampered Chef Party!!

I guess, while I'm just waiting for the time to be able to send in the next stack of papers, I can be productive in raising the funds needed for Little Bear's homecoming.  It's hard to simply 'ask for donations', so I like the bracelet selling the L's uncle has been doing and the purchasing of puzzle pieces to hang in her room.  This fundraiser fits right into that category.

Welcome to the online/catalog Pampered Chef Party!!  The goal...orphanage fees.  (Hey, what can I say I think BIG!)   The way to reach this goal....Buy awesome Pampered Chef items!!!  How great is that, you will get great items to use in your house and my Little Bear will get to live in a house!  It's the perfect combination!  

To join in, simply click the link below and start shopping!!!  You can shop for the entire month of JULY!!!  Just put my full name (Sarah Meyer) in when you are ordering and that way I will get credit as your host which will help bring us a little closer to covering those orphanage fees...

And Little Bear will get a little closer

Monday, July 2, 2012

Strong Enough

     We're two days into July.  And I really don't have much to share. It's hard to post with no new good news.  I'm still playing the waiting game. Waiting until I get word that I can send in the next round of paperwork and then onward we will go. 
     It's a good thing I'm a patient person.  Not to say I don't get frustrated, I definitely do!  And sometimes I vent those frustrations to people who just happen to be the ones to ask, 'How are things going?' and sometimes I just simply vent to the dog while sitting out on the lanai. 

But there is really nothing better though, going around the corner and ending up here...

It's good to vent, to let out those frustrations of waiting, of being around people who don't understand, of not having enough money or enough time, of sometimes not feeling strong enough...

This is my new theme song. (or at least theme song for the moment) It says all the words I feel and I wonder if Little Bear feels it too...because I picture the words in her head.

And then...peace...for the time being. I know I'll be frustrated again, but for that moment, I can look out here....

...and feel so blessed. Blessed to be able to be in this position, to know that in His time the waiting will be over and I will be posting while Little Bear is in the next room, asleep in her crib, in her bedroom, in our house.  Blessed to know that, even when we don't realize it, He is strong enough for ALL of us.

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