Monday, June 18, 2012

One World One Love Puzzle Fundraiser

Alright, things are moving along, I'm about to send in the next set of papers and will soon after be getting my first travel date.  Which so OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD. EXCITING!!!  

But, as exciting as that sounds, it is also a bit scary because, this whole process costs a pretty penny!  And though my brother has been rocking the town selling bracelets (and is still going...seriously, we're talking energizer bunny when it comes to raising $$ for his niece!)  there is still A LOT to be raised.  

So, as with the rest of the process, the fundraisers are moving along as well.  
This is a puzzle that was purchased to hang in Little Bear's room. 
 It's pretty perfect if I must say so myself!  

The puzzle fundraiser works like this...

You buy one (or more) puzzle pieces for $5 a piece.  I write your name (or a word of encouragement if you chose) on the back of the piece(s).  Then as pieces get purchased, I put the puzzle together.  
Once all of the pieces have been purchased, there are 252 by the way,  the puzzle gets framed in an open frame (so you can see both sides) and goes in the Little Bear's room.  That way, she has something to forever remind her of all of the people who helped her be free from that rotten orphanage!

Sounds pretty easy right...right!  
So, let's get to it.  
$5 buys you one puzzle piece.  
Pretty simple task for such a big reward...

You can use either the chip in button or FSP link on the right, to make your donation.  And, if you would please leave a comment with the name or word of encouragement that you would like on your piece, that would be helpful.

Baby Dolls

It has officially begun....  
She has a collection of baby dolls. 
 Not just one dolly because she's little and well, not even home yet...but no, a collection!  

I am a girly girl. For those of you who already know me, you are aware of that. For those of you who didn't know that, well, now you do!  So, I am in HEAVEN filling my life with pink and sparkly and all things GIRL!!  

 Her first 'baby' is from Grandma.   It's so soft and squishy and 'looks' like her.  (Plus it's pink and green so coordinates perfectly with the nursery...Mama likes that!)

Her second 'baby' was also her 'first souvenir' from my boss's recent vacation.  It came from Italy! (And is also pretty soft and squishy) It's not pink and green and has a different hair color but we'll ignore those facts because it was handmade in ITALY!!

And the third baby was made JUST FOR HER!  It will have to be 'sisters' with baby no. 1 as it has the same hair and eyes, is also squishy and pink and green.  And really kind of is, her.

AND...I am patiently waiting until I have time to go through it thoroughly, but there is a big box of 'hand-me-down' babies, that this Mama played with as a little girl, and that have just been waiting for another little girl to love and hug!

Oh and I'm sure there will be more to add to the collection...
one can never have too many baby dolls! 

 As I said...more to add....
 Another brown haired baby...with... pink cowgirl boots and her FIRST PONY!!!!

I'm so happy she's a girl...and WILL be a girly girl (at least until she's old enough to have her own opinion). =)  

(That being said, this girly girl still climbed trees and played in the mud, it was just a tree house, stocked full of baby dolls and mud cake ready to be served after family dinner.)

Monday, June 4, 2012

One Month

    It has been one month since my first post.  And though a lot HAS happened in that month, I also feel like it's been the LONGEST month EVER!!!  And I know there is still so much ahead.  I missed a few weeks of blogging because, honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed with how quickly everything was moving at the beginning of May and then...waiting, and waiting, and waiting... It's quite a frustrating roller coaster sometimes.

     Anyway, I promise to be better.  I'll post more often to let those of you who are checking in know how things are going. =)

     I have made good use of my time waiting, though.  I am simply waiting for the final draft of my home study to be ready to send in my USCIS paperwork and send all of my dossier paperwork to be apostilled and then on it's way!   One little piece of paper, a letter from the psychologist, is holding EVERYTHING up. UGH!!!  
     But there is an end in sight. I will have that paper in 3 days!!!  Then my SW can finish the final draft of my home study report and then that report can finally go to USCIS and then I can get fingerprints done and then I can get shiny stamps on the rest of all that paperwork and then I can send that puppy off to it's destination and then I can get a travel date and THEN I can kiss this sweet face for the first time.

This face is just waiting as well.  Waiting for someone to love her.
(Or, waiting to find out how very much I already love her, really!)
And so we wait...3 more days...(for now)...

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