Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Your Help is NEEDED!!!

     There is a way YOU can help!!  It will only take a minute of your time and could potentially make the difference of life alone or life with the love of a family for thousands of orphans.

Members of Congress have a short window of opportunity to sign on to two letters regarding Russia’s recent decision to ban adoptions to the United States.  The first letter is to President Vladimir Putin of Russia and the second is to President Obama.  Both letters appeal to each leader to recognize the basic human rights of these children and all children in Russia to a family and to work to resolve the pending cases of children who were in the adoption process prior to the January 1, 2013 ban. 
Senator Roy Blunt and Congressional Coalition on Adoption Co-Chairs Senator Landrieu, Senator Inhofe, Representative Bachmann and Representative Karen Bass are currently circulating these letters for signature by their colleagues, with a deadline to sign on to these letters of tomorrow, Wednesday, January 16 at 12pm ESTPlease contact your Senators and Representative today and urge them to sign on to these letters and lend their support to Russia’s children.  Offices interested in signing on should contact Libby Whitbeck in Senator Landrieu’s office or Kristina Weger in Senator Blunt’s office.

I have enclosed the contact information for the Senator Chambliss and Senator Isakson in Georgia and for the Congressman Kingston from District One in Georgia (Glynn County). 

I've also given an example of how brief the contact could be.  Just click the link, copy and paste. It's that easy to make a HUGE difference!!!

If you live outside of Georgia you can find your Senators’ phone numbers and email address at
and you can find your Representatives’ phone numbers and email address at 

Here is the link for the congressional district map for Georgia

If you live in Georgia:

Contact Congressman Jack Kingston (District 1)
Savannah Phone: (912) 352-0101
Brunswick Office: (912) 265-9010

Senator Johnny Isakson
(202) 224-3643
Senator Saxby Chambliss
(202) 224-3521 
Sample email or phone 'script':
Dear _____________________,
  I'm writing to urge you to please sign the two letters that are coming before Congress regarding Russia’s recent decision to ban adoptions to the United States. They must be signed by Wednesday at 12pm and are deeply important to me as a constituent. If you are interested in signing these letters please contact Libby Whitbeck in Senator Landrieu’s office or Kristina Weger in Senator Blunt’s office.
Sarah Meyer

I can't thank you enough for taking a few minutes of your time to email or call.  And please feel free to share with friends and family.  The more we can show congress how important this is, the more signatures these letters can get
And of course, prayer is still top on the list.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bold and Confident

  The past few weeks have been quite an emotional roller coaster. Ups and downs on a daily basis.  With the news from L's country, regarding the current ban, changing from one minute to the next. (You can read through some of the many stories and articles this separate post.) The news in the morning might be different from the news in the evening and then there may be nothing new for days...leaving us all waiting.  Waiting to hear what the final outcome will be. The best (and worst) part is that we are still waiting...
  Sometimes, it's easier to put words together in a post than other times and well, this is one of those 'other' times.  So, this song has been one (of many) that have been on my daily soundtrack for the past few weeks.  And these words say a lot right now...

I'm waiting,
I'm waiting on you Lord and I am hopeful
I'm waiting on you Lord though it is painful
but patiently, I will wait

I will move ahead, bold and confident
Taking every step, in obedience

While I'm waiting, I will serve you.
While I'm waiting, I will worship.
While I'm waiting, I will not faint.
I'll be running the race even while I wait.

I'm waiting, 
I'm waiting on You Lord  
And I am peaceful,
 I'm waiting on You Lord  
Though it's not easy no, 
but faithfully I will wait... 
Yes, I will wait.
And I will move ahead bold and confident 
Taking every step in obedience
While I'm waiting, I will serve You.
While I'm waiting, I will worship
While I'm waiting, I will not faint.
I'll be running the race even while I wait.

"I will move ahead bold and confident.  
Taking every step in obedience."   
    I think these two lines jump out the most.  I am still moving forward. God has got this, I am confident.   
Could the wait be longer? Possibly.
Might I have to take a few extra steps in the process? Maybe. 
Will I have to work a little harder? Probably. 
Is God in control? Definitely.

The thought of potentially losing her is excruciatingly painful. I admit that I am very human, and there are moments that doubt creeps into my human brain and I feel defeated. heartbroken.   
BUT those are the times that prayer helps the most and I am reminded that God is greater, bigger, stronger than anyone in L's country or even than her whole country!!! I will continue to take steps forward (there may be an upcoming post with new pics of L's room!) and I will continue to have faith and I will continue to trust because He'!
So, I will wait.

Some of you may wonder what can be done?
Is there anything that would help?

Yes. You can pray. 
Pray for the hundreds of families that are struggling with uncertainty right now. 
Pray for the thousands of children that would be/will be effected by this law. 
Pray for the agencies that are trying to figure out how everything can continue work from this point out.  
Pray for the civilians in L's country as they fight along with us, protesting and standing up for all of the orphans in their country.  Pray for all of the government officials involved in the decision making.
Pray for L that she will continue to stay healthy until she can come home.  
That is the biggest thing you can do, pray



News Links

This post is really nothing fancy.  I've simply put links to some of the many, many articles, stories and briefings regarding developments in L's country.  Some of the information is hopeful and some not so much.  Of course, the initial news stories are a bit irrelevant at this point, but I thought I'd share for anyone interested in the background details.  I have tried to put them in order (with the newest at the top) and will attempt to add more as any new and relevant information is shared.  For those families in the process, our agencies are keeping in contact, the DOS (Department of State) and USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) have held a couple of conference calls and are working to keep families informed. 
 Really at this instant, no one has a clear cut explanation, so we all continue to wait.
Thanks for keeping L and her mama in your prayers.

There are quite a few stories from families at various stages of the process - just google 'Families in Process R* Adoption Ban'
(you will need to type the full country name)
The treaty that is being talked about in many of these stories -   

When in reality, this is what's coming from the other side -

Nothing like a misleading headline on the US side to get hopes up - 


And then good news -

Not so good news - 



Thank you Mr. Schlegel!!

  Even the locals in L's country are against it -


The Upper Parliament passed the bill -

 (translation below)

(below is the google translate of this article, there are actually a few stories here) 

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