Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And now...we wait...

   Well, that's it. 
Round one paperwork is complete. 
I placed it, trustingly, in the hands of the seemingly confident FedEx worker standing on the opposite side of the counter.  It may or may not have looked a bit like one of those scenes from a comedy movie, where the giver of the package doesn't really 'let go' of the package and the receiver of the package has to 'pry' said package out of the givers hands. 
I'll leave it that up to your imagination.

    It's an odd feeling.  Knowing that now, it's out of my hands, beyond my control. (whoa, wait a second, did I just say,!?!) Yep, I sure did!  Really, I know God's been in control all this time, but at least He was using me a little bit more.  Now, He's truly strengthening my patience as I simply...wait.

    I should mention though, that there ARE still other things going on while I wait.  I'm not simply sitting idle. (That would be nice though for a minute, maybe.)
He is still using me, just for other things...  
 There are still fundraisers going on. And grants to apply for and specialists to meet and a nursery to decorate and...well you get the idea...still busy.
You can check out the Puzzle and the Bracelet The puzzle is going to look pretty great in L's nursery. I can't wait to see it complete and hanging on her wall! And I know MANY people have been sporting braided bracelets on their wrists in honor of the Little Bear. 

    You can also soon read about the upcoming GARAGE SALE (which will be happening on September 15).  I will be blogging with more details on that super exciting event! 

   So, as you can see, there are still things going on to keep busy with but even while keeping busy, I will still be anxiously awaiting the news of when I finally get to kiss this face...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Making a difference

     Some of you may remember a few months ago I posted about the fabulous group of youth that I get to work with on a weekly basis at my church. Kids with such big hearts and actions to follow!  

Yep, these CRAZY kids...
     Through other varying organizations, they have sponsored children and raised funds for the child's care for the month. The most recent children that were being sponsored both graduated out of the program and rather then jump right into a new sponsorship, they decided to raise money for the months of June and July for Little Bear. At the time I was moved to tears (surprise, surprise) and the kids were all SOOO excited to be raising funds for a child that they would get to meet and be able to interact with. Then summer arrived and with summer, the craziness of life as a kid during the summer!!  Hmmm...crazy June and July...while trying to raise money.  I was just patiently waiting to see what the outcome was.

School started back up last week, so we are back to our regular school time schedules.  A little more organization and a little more calm...

(though, with these kids, the craziness never really completely disappears!!)

     At our most recent youth night, the new 6th graders were 'promoted' and it was a fun night of catching up from the summer activities (you'd think they hadn't just seen each other the week before or even days before!) and discussing the future lessons and activities.   We had a great time sharing about a mission trip that had been attended by a majority of the youth, and how their summers had been a bit different as a result of that trip. 

     After our discussion, one of the leaders went up front with a small box, he started off saying that he was so proud of these kids (as am I!!).  He reminded them about the 'motto' of the trip, learning how one single person can make a huge difference in the lives of those around us, about being audacious and not being afraid to stand up for what they believe in.  He mentioned Little Bear and what an amazing difference was being made in her life by being chosen to come into a family.  I was told to come up front and did so, now shaking trying to hold back tears!
      He then asked how many of the kids were wearing a bracelet that one boy, Kyle had been selling to raise funds for Little Bear while sharing about orphans and how much they are in need of families.  Most of the hands in the room went up.  He stated how proud he was of that boy for making a difference.  His voice broke and he had to let the other leader finish.  I was now in tears. I had given up trying to hold them in! The other leader also mentioned how proud she was of the kids and then shared that because of the money that Kyle had raised and the amount that the rest of them had chipped in, they were giving me over $1200!!!! 

There was $1244 in that little box!!! 

One group of about 20 kids...
one boy spending his weekends out selling $2 bracelets...
raised over $1200,  in 2 short months...
for my daughter

        I did not have words for how grateful I was or AM!!  These amazing kids, went above and beyond.  One even more than the rest.  
They are audacious
 They are making. a. difference.  

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