Thursday, May 15, 2014

19 Days

It has been awhile since my last much for New Year's Resolutions, huh?  To be honest, I've just been super busy with work and moving through more paperwork.  I've sat down to write up a big interesting post and then thought, "eh, it's not so interesting, I'll post something tomorrow."  Well, two months of 'tomorrows' later and you go.

This one is BIG and interesting.  One of the biggest and most interesting yet.  I know there will be bigger and even more interesting posts in the near future, but this one will take the cake for now.

Drumroll please.....
*everyone tap your fingers on the desk/table/computer now*


Yes, you read that right....a DATE!!!  As in, here, this is the date when I will go to C and be taken to La Casa and meet my daughter kind of date.  I have waited for 14 LONG months for this moment (actually 26 lllooonnnggg months if you really begin at the beginning) and now, in just over two weeks, I will hold my girl in my arms and kiss those oh so squishy cheeks. 

Two weeks. (and three days) I will be getting on a plane....
(let's pause briefly while I go vomit at that thought) 
Okay, resume. 
...I will be getting on a plane to fly to Col*mbia. 
I will attempt to 'rest' and 'settle-in' for a day (ha...yeah right!)
And then on June 3, 2014, I will get to meet my Josie bunny 
and my bunny will get to meet her Mama.

My brain is mush right now.  I'm hoping it comes back to life soon as I have A LOT to do in the next couple of weeks.  Laundry, packing, lists, highchair to put together, more laundry, get a haircut, more lists, paperwork to finish, more lists, add in work, maybe some skipping and hopping around in excitement, a bit more packing and then I should be all set.
First things first, I'm headed out tomorrow to get my visa.  
So tonight, I will attempt to sleep (or not really.)


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