Monday, October 15, 2012

Birthday Party? Nope, try again.....Birthday AUCTION!!

     Okay, fundraiser number two...I'm having an online auction for L.  It will begin on October 21st, Little Bear's second birthday, and run for 10 days, through the end of the month.  

     Normally, for a birthday, if you're invited to a party you bring a birthday present.  This year, instead of giving presents to L for her birthday, we are selling presents for her birthday!  Really, the biggest present that could be asked for is for her to come HOME.  We know that will happen in God's time...and this will be her last birthday in that stinky orphanage!  

     The auction will run on Facebook, but will also be linked to this blog, so that those of you who do not use Facebook can still go shopping.  There will be items for anyone and everyone. It's a perfect excuse to start shopping for Christmas, for upcoming Fall or Winter birthdays, or for a little splurge for yourself! 

     And by you shopping at L's auction, you will help her move another step closer to coming home...

     And next year...we'll have the BIGGEST birthday bash a three year little girl has ever experienced!!

     The Birthday Auction is OPEN...Start your bidding!!!

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